Penang Car Rental Information

What is the most popular car brand in Penang rental car?

PERODUA is the most popular brand in Penang car rental

What is the most popular car rental model in Penang?

ALZA is the most popular model in Penang car rental market

Which store has the largest number of cars in Penang

MySuperVip has 5 cars

What is the average rental price in Penang?

Average rental price in Penang is NT$30120

More than 25% people rent a car in Penang with gogoout lower than NT$28000

How many cars are still available in Penang

Penang still has 5 cars in stock

How many car rental provider does gogoout have in Penang?

gogoout has 1 car rental provider in Penang

Live inventory numbers of cars in Penang car rental stores

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