Privacy Policy is referred to below as "our website," or "this website," and is managed via "Gogoout Technology Co., Ltd "; in order to support the protection of private data, as a means of protecting online privacy rights, our website hereby makes the following statement to the reader about how this website collects data, the scope, types of usage, as well as modes of inquiries and other items regarding relevant user data.

Should the user have any doubts regarding this website's privacy policies, or any items related to personal data, they may get into contact with a website service representative via email and will receive a reply as soon as possible.

  1. When the user of this website enters our website, they do not have to type in any personal information, such as their personal ID number, passport number, given name and surname, phone number, credit card or other payment method data, nickname, or email address, etc. With exception to being explicitly informed, this website will not obtain the personal data of any user without being explicitly notified. Under certain circumstances such as when the user becomes a member of our website, makes an online booking, or uses email or other services, or participates in other activities, this website as well as related websites or other parties may request user login data in order to contact the user, complete transactions, provide services, or manage subscription procedures. The website you enter may also collect third party data through you (when necessary, we will explicitly notify you). Under these and other conditions, our website as well as related sites or other partners will explicitly notify the user of these and other issues. If the user chooses not to receive any notifications or contact information, our website will fully respect the user's choice.
  2. The information obtained by ours and related websites will be for the internal usage of this website or provided for use by related enterprises and affiliated partners. According to the originally stated usage goals and usage scope, unless stated in advance or in accordance with relevant legal rules and regulations, this site cannot otherwise provide the users' personal information to a third party or use such data for other purposes.
  3. This website may hire third party analysis websites to collect information, including basic private information. This is only used for the provision of our products and website. For this reason, should you choose to use this website's products or services, this website will provide your basic personal information to our suppliers as well as other third parties in order to provide products or services. If the above-written suppliers and other third parties have not obtained our authorization, they may not use basic personal information for other purposes.
  4. When a user's personal information is modified or found to be inaccurate, the user can request an update on this website at any time, and can send customer service a letter asking for a duplication, supplement or correction, or ask that we stop collecting, processing or using their data as well as ask that we delete their membership's personal information and cease sending related messages, etc.
  5. We ask that you properly safeguard your internet passwords and personal information. Do not provide any personal info, especially your network password, to anyone else. Following usage of our website services and functions, please be sure to log out of your account. If you are sharing your computer with another person or using a public computer, remember to close out of the browser window.
  6. This website will record the user's IP address as well as relevant web browsing activity and other information. However, this data is only used for web traffic analysis and online behavior surveying so as to improve the website's related service quality. This data is also only used in an aggregate analysis and will not be associated with any specific person.
  7. This website's related websites or web pages may include links to other websites or web pages. For websites and web pages that do not belong to us, there is no relationship to our website, regardless of their content or privacy policies.
  8. Our site may use browser cookies. A cookie is a bit of short information that a server writes to the user's hard drive via an internet browser in order to distinguish between users. Only websites that have originally set cookies can read and collect content. Cookies used by this website are primarily based as a supporting role, such as when saving specific types of information or when saving related passwords to conveniently allow you to access this website without having to log in each time. Cookies in no way contain any information that is sufficient for others to contact you by email or phone. You can adjust the settings in your browser to know when cookies have been recorded or to avoid the setup of cookies.
  9. We will give access of your personal data to authorized employees when we reasonably believe your data is needed to confirm a booking or service with you, or to obtain the information in order to complete their work tasks. We have taken physical, electronic, and procedural safety measures that comply with legal requirements to protect the safety of your personal information.
  10. When or if this website or related enterprises are acquired by a third party, the assets are acquired, or other operating rights change, the partial or full personal information collected by this website may also be transferred to a third-party. Prior to any such change, this website will make an advanced notice and no other notifications.
  11. Lastly, please understand that should we need to cooperate with the police and provide your basic information by law or because our company has received a court summons, or court order, this website will provide the relevant information in accordance with the law.
  12. This website may change or update its policies frequently. When this website makes major modifications to personal data management, we will put up a notice on the website to inform you. You have a responsibility to check whether our website policies have or have not been modified or updated. Should you disagree to the content changes, you may choose to withdraw from related services at any time and we ask that you immediately cease your usage of our website's services. Should you continue to use our website, this represents that you agree with the modified contents of our website policy changes.