Rental Statement

Rental Eligibility

The Lessee shall be at least twenty years of age, have legal capacity, and possess a valid driver's license recognized by the country of the car rental stores (hereinafter referred to as "Specialized Stores") for which a booking is made, without any DUI, drugged driving, or dangerous driving records. The Lessee also agrees that this site or the specialized stores can legally verify the validity of the Lessee's identification documents through legal channels.

  1. The Lessee shall be fully twenty years of age, and possess a valid driver's license without DUI, drugged driving, and dangerous driving record in the country of the designated partner dealership for which a booking is placed and agrees that this site or the designated partner dealership can legally assess the validity of the Lessee's identification documents.
  2. The rental fees are tax-inclusive. In order to guarantee transaction security, the Payer and Lessee should both be the same person or party.
  3. When the Lessee picks up their rental vehicle, we ask that they bring along personal ID documents (such as a national ID card or passport), a legal and current driver's license, and the card or other form of payment used during the booking transaction (e.g. credit card, UnionPay card, etc.).
  4. If the Payer who places the booking is not the Lessee, the Payer shall bring the same relevant personal ID documents (national ID or passport) as the Lessee and the credit card or other form of payment use in the booking transaction, to the vehicle-pickup location.

Driver’s License Requirements for Car Rental:

For Lessee who rent cars on the, please note the following driver’s license requirements:

  1. For Lessee who are residents at the pick-up location:
    1. The official driver’s license issued by the pick-up location's government.
  2. For Lessee who are not residents at the pick-up location, either of the following:
    1. A driver’s license issued by their government of origin + an International Driving Permit issued by their government of origin.
    2. A driver’s license issued by their government of origin + an International Driving Permit issued by their government of origin (which only serves as a translation of their driver’s license).
    3. For renting a car in Japan with a driver’s license issued by Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, or Monaco, the Lessee must bring their country's driver’s license and a Japanese translation of the driver’s license.


  1. Requirements for documents may vary among different countries or specialized stores. It is recommended that the Lessee check driver’s license requirements from the pick-up location and prepare the relevant documents before renting a car.
  2. If the Lessee fails to present a valid and legal driver’s license required by the pick-up location, the rental company's staff will refuse to provide the car rental service. In such a case, no refund will be provided.

Lessee Rights

  1. The vehicle rental price does not include payments for gasoline/petrol or diesel fuel, parking lot fees, toll road fees, as well as any other traffic supervision fees. If the Lessee's license plate is suspended or taken away, the rental fees from the day the license plate is suspended until the highway supervision authority notifies the Lessee that they may have the license plate returned, are to be borne by the Lessee.
  2. A fee shall be added on for mileage limits and excessive mileage for vehicle rentals as set forth in the dealership's company rules and regulations.
  3. Daily rental is comprised of 24-hour periods. Should the Lessee return the vehicle after the stipulated return time, a late-return penalty shall be collected in accordance with dealership company policies. Should the Lessee wish to rent a vehicle for a longer duration, we ask that they contact the service center for or the dealership prior to the vehicle return deadline (the advance times are listed according to the policies of each individual store).
  4. Should the Lessee wish to cancel their booking due to the possibility of a typhoon, the vehicle pickup location must fall within the reported warning area for a typhoon landfall, and then the Lessee may cancel their rental booking and unsubscribe online (the fees will be refunded afterwards). If there is only an ocean and rough seas advisory, then the Lessee is refunded in accordance with the dealership's policies. (This policy is limited to Taiwan dealership locations)
  5. Should any accident, theft, or other incident occur while operating the rental vehicle, please immediately inform the police and the rental store. DO NOT attempt to settle privately with the other party.
  6. Under the following circumstances, the designated partner dealership may withhold their right to rent out a vehicle.
    1. The Lessee has a record of multiple unpaid tickets/fines.
    2. When the Payer is not the same party as the Lessee, and they have not accompanied the Lessee for vehicle pick-up, or have not been included as a Co-Lessee on the rental paperwork.
    3. If the time the Lessee has maintained a driver's license amounts to less than a full year (See each dealership's guidelines and policies).
    4. The use of debit cards issued by banks such as VISA debit cards.
    5. Bringing pets without notice to the customer service or the designated partner dealership.

Booking Changes

  1. After a booking has been made, a change to the vehicle type and added features cannot be made. Should the Lessee wish to change their booking, they will have to go to the members account area to cancel their original booking and then create a new booking.
  2. To cancel a booking, please go to the members account area to go ahead with the cancellation. This company as well as designated partner dealerships will collect a penalty fee based on ours and their guidelines.
  3. Should the Lessee not pick up the rental vehicle within an hour of the pick-up time; the dealership reserves the right to rent out the vehicle in question to another customer.
  4. If the rented vehicle encounters unforeseen or unpreventable circumstances and is not available for rent, the dealership may offer another similar vehicle in place of the original vehicle in the booking or may give a refund.


For other points and items that have not been touched upon in this document, we ask that you refer to the Terms of Use and the regulations of each designated partner dealership, and rely upon the car rental contract with each designated partner dealership as the final basis for any items not touched upon within this document.