Terms of Use

Welcome to Gogoout.com, referred to hereafter as "this website," or "our website." This website was built by, is managed by, and provides a range of services including a website, applications, as well as mobile software and other services offered by Gogoout Co., Ltd. [谷奧科技股份有限公司], hereafter referred to as "the company," "this company," or "our company." In order to guarantee the rights of the user and our company's designated partner dealerships, prior to the user utilizing our website, they shall read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and abide by the guidelines therein. If you as the user are unwilling to abide by all statements and guidelines, please refrain from using our website's services. Once the user begins to use the related services of our website, this usage shall be seen as an acknowledgement of having been informed of our rules and guidelines, and agreement to abide by them. However, even if the user abides by the Terms of Use and agrees to the Privacy Policy and utilizes our website, the usage of our website does not represent a contractual or similar relationship between the user and the company.

  1. Definition of User

    A legal or a natural person, who provides data to this website, and directly or indirectly uses this website's provided online vehicle rental services.

  2. Terms of Use

    1. When using this website's services, you shall be a full twenty (20) years of age and possess the ability to hold a legal and valid driver's license within the country to which the rental contract is performed; and agree that this website or the designated partner dealership may use legal channels to perform a check on the validity of the lessee's documents.
    2. When using this website's services, you shall confirm and attest that all data provided and entered as well as personal information, is current and accurate (including but not limited to credit cards, etc.). Should the provided data or information need to be subsequently modified, you shall proactively notify our company. If you have not provided accurate information or cannot update your data or information in time and this leads to this company or the designated partner dealership suffering damages, you shall bear the related legal responsibilities.
    3. When using this website's services, you agree that this website has the right to not inform you, and may perform updates to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and adjustments to related discounts at any time.
  3. User Rights

    1. Users may enjoy the online services offered by this website.
    2. This website shall maintain an open and convenient user interface.
    3. Users may receive information about various promotions on this website.
    4. Users may participate in this website's occasional promotional events.
  4. User Obligations

    1. In order to maintain a relationship of reliability and trust between the user and this website's designated partner dealership companies, if and or when the user makes an online payment, this is deemed to be a commitment that the user accepts an offer to enter into a contract with an designated partner dealership associated with this company, and that a contractual relationship is established. If you provide incorrect information that makes it impossible to receive information from our website, the user shall compensate the performance benefits and company damages of our designated partner dealership stores, including but not limited to interest from implementation of the contract.
    2. Should the payment method used in the booking transaction be erroneous, including but not limited to user mistakes, illegality, unauthorized use of a third party's credit card or electronic transaction method that leads to the inability to complete the transaction or if the genuine rights holder or the card issuer contests the transaction, you as the user shall be held legally responsible for bearing compensation for the company's related damages and losses.
    3. Our company as well as our website may, based on the considerations of protecting the information of our company and designated partner dealerships, transactional security, law or scopes used by international internet usage regulations, etc., to terminate, block, and or refuse specific users from utilizing the services provided by our company and designated partner dealerships. Our company bears no responsibility for any damages or losses sustained by users in regard to the above statements.
  5. Disclaimers

    1. Our users with vehicle rental bookings and other related services and does not guarantee that website functions will not be temporarily suspended due to forces majeures (including factors involving natural disasters and telecommunication providers) or due to necessary system updates. Our company bears no responsibility for losses or damages with regards to the use (or inability to use) our services.
    2. This website may update or terminate the terms of service, service content, and privacy rights policy, etc., at any time, and not notify any individual user. Users may not demand compensation owing to this reason.
    3. This website reserves the right to stop or alter each item of service content or terminate any user's profile at any time and is not required to notify the user. Regardless of the circumstances, our company unequivocally bears no responsibility nor compensation for inconveniences brought about by the suspension or alteration of services or the termination of user rights.
    4. Our website reserves the right to make additions, alter or cancel our services in part or in full, and does not have to provide notification. The user may not demand compensation or reparations as a result.
    5. All transactional behavior or contracts produced by the use of this website's services exist strictly between the user and each vehicle rental dealership. Each dealership shall clarify in detail to you as the lessee and explain and implement their products, quality of service or other transactional matters, content, guarantees and responsibilities for defects, etc. The lessee shall, as a result of any conflict arising from the above-described services or other transactional behavior, seek settlement or resolution of the conflict from designated partner dealership. This website's platform strictly provides the lessee and the dealership with a space to carry out a transaction. Our website is not at all a party to the transaction, and absolutely does not intervene in the lessee's and the dealership's transactional behavior, services, or other contractual behavior. As for the products, services, or other transactional subjects received by the lessee, we do not bear any responsibility.
  6. Transaction Notice

    1. Online bookings must be made in accordance with the designated partner dealership's stated payment method (credit cards, other online payment methods or an in-store payment). No changes may be made after a booking has been created. Should the Lessee need to change conditions of their booking (including but not limited to the pick-up time of the vehicle), we ask that you cancel the order and start a new booking. It is required to make an appointment and prepare the required documentation when renting a car prior to the day of use.
    2. If you cancel the transaction, our company as well as the designated partner dealership will collect a discretionary penalty fee in accordance with the guidelines and regulations.
    3. This company is a booking services platform, providing an online booking service for designated partner dealership companies. If you make an online payment through our company, the invoice for the booked vehicle rental payment will be issued by Gogoout Co., Ltd. (谷奧科技股份有限公司), within one to three business days following the return of your rental vehicle. The invoice will be delivered to the invoice issuing method selected by the booking member. If the invoice is not refunded due to cancellation of the booking, Gogoout Co., Ltd. will issue an electronic invoice within one to three business days of the scheduled vehicle return date and deliver the invoice to the invoice issuing method selected by the booking member. For fee vouchers for additional content, please refer to the relevant instructions of each additional selection plan. Payment at the designated partner dealership will be invoiced or a voucher issued by that designated partner dealership.
    4. If your rental vehicle hasn't yet been returned to the dealership by the appointed time, is damaged, etc., including, but not limited to the aforementioned circumstances, you shall be responsible for compensation of the appointed dealership's business damages and depreciated losses.
    5. The Lessee (the person who creates the booking) must bring an original ID or passport, an original valid driver's license, as well as credit card or proof of other payment method used during the booking transaction for future reference (if a dealership employee requests other documentation, you shall provide it in accordance with the dealership's policies). When both the Lessee and the transaction payer are not the same person, the paying party must bring the credit card or other payment method on file, as well as an original ID/passport and accompany the Lessee for vehicle pickup. They must also be listed as a co-leaser.
    6. When picking up the rental vehicle, should be Lessee be unable to provide their personal ID or passport, credit card or proof of other payment method used during booking, as well as their original valid driver's license for reference, or a dealership employee has doubts about the Lessee's safe operation of the vehicle, each dealership reserves the right to withhold the vehicle.
    7. If a booking is cancelled, the cost paid online will be refunded via the original payment method after a deduction in accordance with Paragraph 2 of this transaction notice. There is no way for the Lessee to demand a refund during rental vehicle pickup.
    8. Other rental statements shall take each dealership's contract as the primary source of information, including but not limited to statements on daily rental fees, collection of booking cancellation fees, mileage, handling of emergencies, the hours of operation for each store, vehicle insurance, etc.
    9. Vehicle information and pricing are all provided by each car rental dealership. This website will do all it can to guarantee that the vehicle information or listed prices are all accurate but cannot avoid the possibility of mistakes or inaccuracies occurring. Should such a situation occur, please notify us so we may notify the rental company on time to make a correction to the pricing or information.
  7. Other Items

    1. When using this website's services, in the event of any dispute or conflict, both parties agree to go to the Taipei District Court as the Court of First Instance.
    2. All information on this website, including writing, images, film clips, sound recordings, and software, etc., are all protected by the Copyright Act of the Republic of China, as well as related clauses of International Intellectual Property Rights. Please respect and abide by copyrights and intellectual property rights. Offenders will be dealt with according to the law.