Terms of Service

Welcome to the gogoout’s Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") operated by GOGOOUT CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). The car rental matching service provided by the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "gogoout’s Service") is a membership-only service that requires user registration and acceptance of the Company's terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Service”) and Privacy Policy.

Please read these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully prior to completing your registration. If you disagree with or wish to reject any portion of these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you will be considered ineligible for membership and therefore agree to immediately cease all use of the Website. If you still choose to complete registration as a member, you agree to fully abide by these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

You can still browse the content of the Website if you are not a registered member. You must also follow these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy while using this Website. If you do not wish to comply, please exit the Website.

  1. Service Content

    1. This Website offers complimentary car rental matching services. We will assist you in locating car rental stores (hereinafter referred to as "Specialized Stores") that can provide you with car rental services, as well as making online reservations for car rentals with the Specialized Stores through this Website.

    2. Completing the member registration process constitutes your full acceptance of these Terms of Service and any other related policy announced by the Company or the Website. By completing member registration, you also agree to review and acknowledge any updates to these Terms of Service. Your continued use of the Website is deemed to be your acceptance of any updates to these Terms of Service.

    3. By using the Website, you acknowledge that the Website is limited to providing third-party car rental matching services (NOT A CAR RENTAL SERVICE). This Website does not act as an agent or on behalf of Specialized Stores to create any rights or obligations with you. To complete the car rental procedure, you must sign a contract with a Specialized Stores in accordance with the rental car reservation form and the requirements of these Terms of Service.

    4. The Website does not guarantee the actual performance of any contract or agreement made as a result of its matching service. Except as otherwise provided in these Terms of Service, the Website shall not bear any responsibility for any contract enforcement/performance disputes between you and Specialized Stores.

  2. Account Registration and Review

    1. To register as a member of the Website, you must be at least 20 years old, have the capacity to make juridical acts, and have a legal and valid driver's license in the area where the rental service you want to reserve with Specialized Store is located.
    2. When completing your member registration on the Website, you certify that the personal information provided is complete, accurate, and current. You also agree to update your registration to reflect any changes to your personal information. By registering as a member of the Website, you further agree to the Company’s collection, processing and use of the personal information provided to the Website.
    3. To apply for the membership, please submit the following information and documents for the Company's review and approval:
      1. Basic identification, including but not limited to legal name; nationality; date of birth; telephone number; ID number; passport number, and all other information as requested by the Company.
      2. Documents that must be uploaded per the Company's request (for example, a driver's license, an ID card, a passport, etc.).
    4. You agree to assume all responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password on the Website; You further acknowledge that you will be fully responsible for all activity associated with your account unless it is proven that your account and password have been stolen by a third party and confirmed by judicial authorities.
    5. If you discover that your account has been compromised or misused by someone other than You, please notify us immediately via our official contact information posted on the Website. After receiving the notification and confirming the situation complies with the Company's account suspension policy, the Company will suspend all transactions and subsequent use of the account. The Company will not assume any responsibility in connection with damages suffered as a result of your failure to notify the Company immediately in accordance with the Company's policy.
    6. You must ensure that the information you provide is correct. If there is any change to the personal information You provided at the time of registration, you are responsible for updating it on the Website immediately. You shall assume all responsibility for any damages caused by the Company's inability to contact you or for any other reason due to your failure to update your personal information.
    7. The Company maintains the right to make a final determination on whether or not a Website membership application is approved.
    8. By completing your Registration, you certify that the information provided is correct and the electronic documents provided are consistent with the original, and that they contain no forgery, falsification or other false content. Any legal matters arising out of the information You provide to the Company are your personal responsibility. The Company’s approval of your application does not exempt You from liability.
  3. Procedure and Content of gogoout’s Service

    1. The following is the procedure for booking a car rental using gogoout's Service:
      1. Select your preferred car rental company to rent a car on the Website;
      2. Register or log in as a member;
      3. Place your order and pay online.
    2. After completing the procedure in the preceding paragraph, you should complete the car rental procedure with the Specialized Store as follows:
      1. Bring the documents and go to the designated location requested by the Specialized Store to sign a contract;
      2. Inspect the car and pick up the car according to the Specialized Store's regulations;
      3. Return the car according to the Specialized Store's regulations.
    3. You understand that this Website only offers you the online car selection and reservation services mentioned in Section 1 of this Article, and that it does not enter into any car rental contract with you. The car rental process will not be completed until you sign a contract with the Specialized Store, as described in Section 2 of this Article.
    4. The car rental relationship between you and the Specialized Store is primarily based on the Specialized Store's contract (including but not limited to: daily rent, cancellation fee policy, mileage, emergency handling, business hours of each store, vehicle insurance instructions…etc.). However, the car rental instructions on this Website, as well as the content of each order, are part of the car rental agreement between you and the Specialized Store; please read it carefully before placing the order.
    5. The Website offers services to facilitate contractual agreements between you and the Specialized Store, but in no way warrants or has the ability to guarantee the honesty and integrity of the parties in fulfilling the contractual agreements between parties. Both parties are strongly advised to keep their own records of correspondence should they need to enforce their rights under any given contract.
  4. Online Payment

    1. When you reserve a rental car online, you must pay using the method specified on each vehicle (such as credit card, other online payment methods or in-store payment, etc.).
    2. The fee for each order is paid directly to the Specialized Store (or the provider of the add-on service). This Website will not charge you any platform usage fees if you successfully complete the contract with the Specialized Store. The Company will only charge you the platform usage fee if you cancel your order or violate these Terms of Service.
    3. Vehicle information and prices on this Website are provided by Specialized Store. The Website makes every effort to ensure that the vehicle information and prices listed are accurate. However, if a price error occurs by accident, please notify this Website so that we can immediately notify the Specialized Store to make corrections. The Company is not liable for any compensation as a result of the incorrect price.
  5. Order Cancellation

    1. Your order cannot be changed once it has been placed. You only have the option of canceling it. As a result, before placing an order, please carefully read the rental terms and conditions. Please contact customer service if there is an error due to non-personal factors.
    2. Following the cancellation of your order, this Website will charge you a platform usage fee in accordance with the cancellation policy, which can be deducted directly from the prepayment you made previously.
    3. After you pay online, our company will send you an e-invoice using the invoice issuance method you select. You also agree that if a refund is required because you cancel the order or it cannot be completed for any other reason, this Website may process invoices, debit notes, and other documents required by applicable laws and regulations on your behalf.
  6. Picking up and Returning the Vehicle

    1. When you sign a rental contract with Specialized Store and pick up the car at the rental office, you must bring the original ID card (or passport), the original valid driver's license of the vehicle for the booking, the credit card (or other payment method proof) used for the online booking of the instant transaction, the documents required in your order (or deposit, security), and any other documents Specialized Store requires you to provide.
    2. If you are not the transaction's payer, you must request that the payer bring the original credit card (or other payment instrument) and ID card (or passport) used for the transaction, accompany you to the car pick-up, and be listed as a co-lessee in the contract.
    3. If you do not have all of the documents required by this Article, the lessee's information does not match the information in the reservation of the online order when you pick up the car, or there are safety concerns, the Specialized Store may refuse to sign the contract with you and deliver the car. You should be held accountable if this order cannot be fulfilled, and the Company will not be liable for any compensation and will follow the cancellation policy outlined in the preceding Article.
    4. If you do not return the vehicle you rented to the Specialized Store within the time frame specified in the car rental contract, the vehicle is damaged or destroyed, you are subject to administrative penalties or parking fees, there is serious dirt (such as pet hair, feces, etc.), or there are other circumstances that affect the value of the leased vehicle or cause vehicle damage to the Specialized Store, you may be liable to compensate the Specialized Store for any loss. Please remember to confirm the applicable regulations with the Specialized Store prior to signing the car rental contract.
  7. Prohibition of Off-Website Transactions

    1. You and Specialized Store are prohibited from cooperating directly or otherwise collaborating in private off the Website. If you or Specialized Store is found to have engaged in Off- Website transactions, the Company reserves the right to cancel or suspend your account and terminate the services provided by the Website.
    2. These Term of Service do not apply to Off-Website transactions and cooperation between you and Specialized Store.
  8. Prohibited Behaviors for Members

    1. You agree to refrain from:

      1. Making payment with erroneous, illegal, or unauthorized third-party credit cards or electronic payment methods;
      2. Infringing or damaging the goodwill, reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, intellectual property rights and other rights of the Company, the Website or third parties.
      3. Breach of confidentiality obligations under the law or contract.
      4. Transmitting or distributing computer viruses.
      5. Engaging in commercial activities that are not permitted by the Company or the Website in advance.
      6. Using another person's name to register for an account or to provide false personal information when registering for an account.
      7. Impersonating or stealing other members' accounts; or sharing personal accounts with third parties; or borrowing third party accounts for use.
      8. Forging, tampering, deleting or capturing the Company's server or the Website system.
      9. Stealing, downloading, collecting, processing or using the personal information of the members or other information on the Website without following the service method of the Website.
      10. Publishing, transmitting, sending spam, advertisements, chain letters, illegal or unauthorized multi-level marketing messages and advertisements, etc.
      11. Any other behavior that is inconsistent with the purpose of the Website or that the Company has justifiable reasons to consider inappropriate.
    2. You shall be fully responsible for any violation of governmental regulations or infringement of third party rights as a result of the foregoing. You shall assume full responsibility for any damage caused to the Company.

  9. Dispute Resolution and Reporting

    1. You can use the Company's Scoring System to rate the Specialized Store for each rental experience. However, you should ensure that your comment is accurate and legitimate.
    2. If you have a disagreement with the Specialized Store for reasons that are not attributable to you, you can also report to the customer service of this Website. You certify that the content of the dispute raised is true and agree to cooperate with the Company in providing further explanation and relevant supporting information for the investigation.
    3. The Company does not guarantee that any disputes between you and Specialized Store will be amicably resolved. If the two parties are unable to reach an agreement, you understand that you must resolve the matter through judicial means.
  10. Termination or Change of Service

    1. The Company retains the right to immediately cancel, suspend, and/or terminate your account and access to the Website without notice if any of the following apply:
      1. You are under the age of twenty.
      2. You lacked the legal capacity to act in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China or the local laws of the Specialized Store where you rented the car.
      3. You did not have a legal and valid driver's license in the area of the Specialized Store where you reserved the rental vehicle.
      4. You provided incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal information and/or fail to update your personal information.
      5. You registered for multiple accounts at the same time.
      6. You canceled a transaction without good cause.
      7. You failed to comply with the contract or agreement entered through the Website.
      8. You used the Website to engage in any illegal or suspected illegal conduct.
      9. To protect the goodwill or rights of the Company, the Website or other members or to avoid damage.
      10. You filed a false dispute report or received a dispute report against you.
      11. To maintain the system and quality of the Website or to avoid damage.
      12. The Company decides to suspend or terminate the provision of the gogoout’s Services due to operational decisions and other needs.
      13. Any violation of these Terms of Service.
      14. You had a number of negative rental records reported by the Specialized Stores.
      15. Any other circumstances that the Company deems necessary.
    2. The Company shall not be required to notify you or give you an opportunity to dispute your termination from the Website, nor shall it owe you any compensation or indemnity for any loss or expectation of benefit suffered as a result.
    3. The Company's decision as to the applicability of this Article shall be final and complete, and any evidence, advice, or opinion provided by You or any other member shall be for the Company's reference only and shall not be binding on the Company, nor shall the Company be obligated to provide you with relief or an opportunity to file a complaint.
  11. Intellectual Property Right

    1. All content (including all graphics, images, designs), system screens, frames, backend code or other system information uploaded by the Company on the Website are the copyright of the Company with full intellectual property rights unless the Company has a contract with a third party, which is subject to its agreement. Any photography, filming, screenshot, sharing or other copyrighted use without the Company's consent or incompatible with the use of the gogoout’s Service will be considered an infringement of copyright.
    2. If you wish to use any copyrighted content on the Website, please contact the Company according to the official contact information announced on the Website to obtain prior written consent or authorization. If authorized to use copyrighted content, you must indicate the source of the content and acknowledge the Company as the copyright owner. Furthermore, you must maintain the integrity of the content, and should not arbitrarily misinterpret, add, delete, edit, or change the work.
    3. By uploading, transmitting, inputting, providing, or otherwise sharing content on the Website, you certifie that you have the legal right to all information disclosed and agree to refrain from sharing any information which you are not legally entitled to share.
    4. Once you choose to upload, transmit, input or provide information or files to the Company or the Website, you agree to authorize the Company, without compensation, to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, publicly transmit, alter, distribute, sublicense and all other uses under copyright law within the scope of the purpose of promoting or optimizing the services of the Website, without limitation of time, place or number of times. You agree not to exercise moral rights against the Company. You warrant that any use by the Company in accordance with this section will not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties or be subject to any administrative penalty or any assertion of rights by third parties.
    5. If you find that the content of this Website is likely to infringe or infringe copyright, you can contact customer service to notify the Company. The Company will handle the matter in accordance with the Company's policies.
    6. If you violate this Article, you agree to indemnify the Company or any third party against any damages (including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees, court costs, penalties imposed on us, or any damages or losses suffered by the Company as a result of any claim by a third party).
  12. Privacy Policy

You agree to abide by our Privacy Policy (Exhibit 1).

  1. Advertising and Links to Third Party Websites or Resources

    1. The Company has the right to place or embed advertisements or provide any links to third party websites or resources in the Website. However, the Company is not responsible for the content, products, or services on the advertisements or linked third party websites or resources listed or embedded in the Website. You agree to bear all risks arising from the use of any third-party website or resource, and you are solely responsible for such use.
    2. You agree that the Company may from time to time send electronic newsletters, product, or service messages (EDM) to the e-mail you provide to the Company. After you have replied to the refusal to accept marketing in the manner prescribed by the Company and confirmed by the Company, the Company will cease to send further marketing messages.
    3. You acknowledge and agree that all cooperation projects via the Website are authorized to be used by the Company or the Website as a way to promote and market the Company and the gogoout’s Service.
  2. Disclaimer

    1. The Company shall not be liable to you for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the following circumstances
      1. gogoout’s Service suspension or interruption caused by the relocation, replacement or maintenance of the system equipment of this Website.
      2. gogoout’s Service suspension or interruption caused by reasons not attributable to the Company.
      3. The Website is affected by external forces that cause the information to be displayed incorrectly, or to be falsified, altered, deleted or retrieved, resulting in failure to operate normally.
      4. gogoout’s Service suspension or interruption of this Website caused by the natural disasters or other force majeure.
      5. You have any violation of governmental laws or these Terms of Service and the Company stops or interrupts the gogoout’s Service.
      6. Any dispute, loss or other controversy between you and other members of the Website, internet users, or partners through the Website.
      7. Other circumstances that the Company deems necessary to suspend or interrupt the gogoout’s Service.
    2. The Website does not guarantee the actual performance of any contract or agreement made as a result of its matching service. Except as otherwise provided in these Terms of Service, the Company shall not bear any responsibility for any contract enforcement/performance disputes between you and Specialized Store.
    3. If you violate these Terms of Service, the laws of the Republic of China, Taiwan, the local laws applicable to your use of the Website or the local legislation of the Specialized Store where you reserved a car rental service, and as a result cause damage to the Company or any other third party, you agree to indemnify the Company and assume responsibility for the resulting damages.
  3. Assignment

You agree that if the ownership or operation of the Company or the Website changes, the rights and obligations of these Terms of Service and the personal information provided by You and all information provided or uploaded to the Website will be unconditionally transferred to the new owner or operator, unless otherwise agreed between the Company and a third party, and you may not object.

  1. Change of gogoout’s Service Terms

    1. The Company has the right to change or adjust the contents of these Terms of Service at any time. The Company will announce the changes on the Website and notify you by email to the email address listed on your member account. By continuing to use the Website, you agree to be bound by all changes to these Terms of Service.
    2. If you do not agree to any of the adjustments or changes of Terms of Service, or the country or territory to which you belong excludes all or part of the contents of these Terms of Service, you agree to immediately cease use of the Website.
  2. Miscellaneous

    1. Once you agree to these Terms of Service, it will be effective retroactively from the date you first used the Website.
    2. The headings contained in these Terms of Service are for reference purposes only and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of these Terms of Service in any way.
    3. If any provision of these Terms of Service is determined to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, it shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision of these Terms of Service.
    4. These Terms of Service shall be effective until the Company takes the initiative to cease providing the service of Website to you, and shall not be invalidated by your personal suspension or by the Company's termination or restriction of your use of the account (or any part thereof) or the Website.
    5. These Terms of Service may be available in different languages. In the event of discrepancies or ambiguities between the language versions, the "Traditional Chinese Version" shall prevail and take precedence.
  3. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, Taiwan. All disputes arising from these Terms of Service shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, Taiwan. The Taipei District Court shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any lawsuit or other judicial proceeding relating to or arising from these Terms of Service.

  1. Company’s Contact Information

    1. Address: 5F.-1, No. 380, Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
    2. Phone Number:+886-2-7752-3598
    3. Customer Service Email: service@gogoout.com