User Questions

  • What are the services gogoout provides?

    We provide a short-term car rental service. You don't need to waste time online comparing prices. With just a few clicks, you can find the car you like and, once you've completed your booking, relax and go pick it up.

  • Where do our rental cars come from?

    All of the cars on offer are sourced from legal car rental dealerships, and the available models are all under five years old. We strive to create an excellent rental environment and each of our partner stores undergo our in-person screening.

  • What are the benefits of renting through gogoout?

    Renting a vehicle is often the most overlooked item when making travel plans, yet it causes the biggest headaches because you have to compare car models, rental prices, and decide whether or not you trust the rental company. However, gogoout takes special care to solve your car-rental problems and provides a booking fulfillment guarantee: Once you've completed a booking, you ARE guaranteed a car!

Car Rental Issues

  • Can I rent a car if I haven't had a driver's license for a full year?

    Please carefully review each partner store's "Store Policies," This will detail each store's rights and benefits.

  • Am I able to rent a car with an international driver's license?

    It depends on each partner store's rules and regulations. There's a statement appended to the image of each of the car offerings on the website. If you see [International O], it means that an international license is accepted, but if you see [International X], it means that bookings aren't open to drivers with an international license.

  • Which documents do I need to bring to pick up my car?

    The car renter's original ID card, an original, valid, official driver's license, as well as the credit card used at the time of booking.

  • What should I do if there's an accident?

    First, you should call 110. You must wait for the police to make a report and then notify our partner company. To safeguard your rights, please don't attempt to settle any accidents privately.

  • Can the renter and the cardholder be different people?

    If the renter (the member themselves are the renter) isn't the holder of the credit card used during the booking, the cardholder must bring the credit card used in the booking, plus an original ID, and accompany the renter to pick up the vehicle. When filling out the booking information, the cardholder must be listed as a secondary renter.

  • How do you calculate rental days?

    The number of rental days is determined by the input of the pick-up time and return time when searching for a vehicle.

  • Are the store hours for the rental dealership the same?

    Please refer to each partner store's hours and guidelines.

  • How does gogoout calculate rental fees?

    The daily rental fees are set by each partner company (according to vehicle brand, model, insurance provisions, amenities such as sunroofs and built-in GPS, etc.). The total rental fees for the car will be calculated based on the pick-up time and return time entered when searching for the vehicle. For the costs of additional content and amenities, please refer to relevant explanations on selection plans.

  • What information or notifications will I receive after making my booking? Do I need to confirm my booking with the rental dealership?

    We'll send you a notification after you've successfully completed your booking and again on the day before your rental pickup. You don't need to confirm with the store. As long as you bring your pick up document, such as original ID or passport, an original valid driver license or English IDP (International Driving Permit), and the credit card used during the booking transaction on the day of pickup, you can start driving on down the road!

  • How can I change the rental agreement contents?

    Currently, once you've made a booking, there's no way to make a change to the booking. We ask that you cancel the booking and make a new reservation. To cancel a reservation, please to go Member Area and then click on Orders.

  • What should I do if I want to extend my rental time?

    If you'd like to extend your reservation, please contact gogoout's online customer service directly, and complete the renewal procedures to guarantee your continued rental.

  • After I've successfully made a reservation, and I've come to the rental dealership to pick up my car, do I need to pay any kind of service fee?

    When you've used a credit card during your booking, the fee you pay upon booking already includes taxes, service fees and fees for add-ons. You don't need to pay anything extra when picking up your rental vehicle.

  • How do I deal with traffic tickets or parking fines for one of your rental cars?

    Tickets and parking fees will be collected by the store, or the ticket penalties are otherwise directly transferred to the car renter.

Invoicing Questions

  • When will I receive an invoice once I've made a booking? 

    gogoout.com is a booking service platform that provides an online reservation service for partner stores. Booking invoices are sent from "gogoout Co., Ltd." within three business days of returning your vehicle. We deliver an electronic invoice via email to the booking member's email address listed during the booking. For fee vouchers for add-ons, please refer to the explanations for each selection plan.

  • If I've canceled my booking, how do I get my money back on a partially refundable invoice?

    The invoice will be sent from "gogoout Co., Ltd." to the email address of the booking member listed during the reservation process, within three days following the return of the booked vehicle. For fee vouchers for add-ons, please refer to the explanations for each selection plan.

  • Can I set up a company business invoice tab? 

    You sure can! On the booking confirmation page, please enter in your company's business invoice information and you're all set! For fee vouchers for add-ons, please refer to the explanations for each selection plan.

GO Points Questions

  • How do I earn GO Points?

    GO Points rewards displayed by gogoout are only estimated reference values before a reservation is confirmed; the actual accumulation is based on the final consumption amount.
    GO Points reward system operates with a rate of 10 points for every 1 USD spent on gogoout. The consumer’s GO Points reward amount is calculated based on gogoout’s exchange rates.

  • When will my GO Points be transferred into my account?

    GO Points will be credited to the member's account within 7 days after the completion of the return time.

  • How to apply GO Points to gogoout bookings for discount purposes?

    The redemption method for gogoout is that every 50 points can be redeemed for 0.1 US dollar. You can choose to use GO Points for redemption on the car rental confirmation page, and the amount after redemption will be calculated based on the current exchange rate of GO Points. GO Points are only applicable to offset rental fees; other additional purchases or items are not eligible for redemption with GO Points. Furthermore, we would like to remind you that if you decide to cancel a booking after redeeming GO Points, the redeemed points will not be refunded. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully plan your trip before redeeming GO Points to avoid any unnecessary loss.

  • Can I claim GO Points from previous purchases?

    GO Points is a newly launched platform feature, and past consumption records are not included in the calculation.

  • GO Points USD Exchange Rate Calculation Method.

    gogoout platform's exchange rate will be referenced to Bank of Taiwan’s rates but will not be directly tied to them to avoid frequent currency fluctuations that may inconvenience the platform and consumers.

  • What happens to GO Points rewards when a reservation is in a ‘Store Credit’ status and changes are made to it?

    If a reservation is in a ‘Store Credit’ status, gogoout does not offer additional GO Points rewards for any subsequent reservation changes.

  • GO Points Terms And Conditions