Become Supplier

How gogoout can help bring you customers?

  • Professional marketing analysis, bringing you more customers

  • Easily post your business information, making it easily visible to consumers

  • We only charge when a successful booking is made

We think from your perspective and provide

  • Uploading of real car photos

    Showcasing unique and distinctive vehicles

  • Exclusive car management system

    Precise vehicle control

  • Filtering with credit card payment

    Renting out the car without worries

  • Real reviews

    Highlight your outstanding business

Perhaps you still have some questions about joining gogoout

How does gogoout charge for the services?

Joining gogoout is completely free, except for annual fees and service fees. However, in order to provide good service in a long-term and stable manner, we charge a transaction service fee for each consumer completed booking, which means that we only charge when the vehicle is rented out.

In terms of cash flow, gogoout deducts the transaction service fee from the fees collected in the current month and pays the remaining amount to the supplier at the beginning of the next month.

What are the qualifications for applying to be a supplier on gogoout?

To join gogoout, the supplier must provide the authentic, valid and legal business rental license vehicles.

The supplier owner will bear all legal responsibility for the authenticity and legality of the information provided.

If putting the prices on the platform, will it only lead to competition among suppliers based on prices?

The current trend of consumer transparency, as consumers have access to more information, price is not the only option for comparison. Instead, the condition of the car, the supplier's reputation, and distance have become key considerations for consumers.

What is the process for handling problems with a car rented out through gogoout?

Currently, gogoout only provides online booking services for the supplier, and the pick-up process will still be handled by the supplier's current management after booking.