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Perhaps you still have some questions about Gogoout

Charges in Gogoout

In addition to the annual fee and service fee, the listing of vehicles is entirely free of charge. However, to continuously and stably provide good service for a long time, we charge a transaction service fee for each time a customer completes an order, that is, only if the vehicle is rented.

In terms of cash flow, gogoout deducts the transaction service fee from the fee charged in the month and then transfers the payment to the store at the beginning of the following month.

Eligibility for store application?

To join gogoout, you must provide an authentic, valid and legal business rental license vehicle.

The store owner will bear all legal responsibility for the authenticity and legality of the information provided.

Showing the price, will it cause the stores to compete with the price?

In response to the current consumption trend of transparent information, price is not the only option for comparison when consumers know more information. On the contrary, vehicle condition, store evaluation, and distance have become critical points for consumers to consider.

What is the solution if there is a problem with the car rented through Gogoout?

Currently, the platform only provides online booking information services for stores; And after picking up the car, it handles the current mechanism of each store.