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EZ Car Rental-Jingmei (Near MRT Jingmei Station))

Tax registration name : 伊立汽車租賃有限公司Tax ID : 28672345Mon-Fri 10:00 - 20:00 / Sat-Sun 10:00 - 20:00
EZ租車,每日特價車$990。 台北二間門市 ●景美店:捷運景美站2號出口 ○南港店:捷運南港展覽館5號出口 ●●租車預約服務制,租車、還車請預約,異動租還車時間請來電聯繫0963-536921(電話搜尋LINE ID) ˙租期多天另有優惠,租期六天以上平日升等車款 ˙全車系配藍牙系統 /胎壓偵測器/安卓機 ˙最新上架阿法(alphard)車款 Foreigner car rental service 租車店家周圍地區:捷運景美站 500公尺|景美夜市 750公尺|捷運萬隆站 550公尺|捷運大坪林站 1.2公里|景美國中 450公尺

About the Store
EZ租車捷運景美站2號出口,取車地點最便利,誠實交車最放心 ▲An international driver's license, please consult online before booking.line ID:(search phone no)0963536921 ▲It is necessary to apply for insurance to rent a car with an international driver's license. If you do not apply for car rental insurance, you will refuse to rent the car.

Store Conditions
  • Charged loss of use fees if car damage
  • Charged diminished value fees if car damage
  • Deposit or sign a blank check (international driving permit)
  • No pets allowed in the car

Store Notice
  • Mileage Policy: 300 km/day, charges NT$ 3 per extra km
  • Fuel Policy: Same as pick up
  • Cancellation Policies: (Flexible) Free cancellation 3 days before the pick-up time. Cancellation made before 2 days of the pick-up time will refund 50% of the rent fee. No refund within 2 days prior to the pick-up time.

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