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全球租車好夥伴 | gogoout 自駕旅遊誌🚗 租車必讀Tainan Car Rental : Recommended Rental Companies, Local Rules, and Insurance

Tainan Car Rental : Recommended Rental Companies, Local Rules, and Insurance

Tainan Car Rental Blog Cover.


Tainan Car Rental: Top 3 Advantages You Can’t Miss

Capture the Breathtaking Sunset in Tainan, Your Guide to Tainan Car Rental.

Tainan Car Rental Advantage #1: Rich Experiences Await

A trip to Tainan promises a high-value experience with traditional cuisine, cultural landmarks, and trendy artistic shops. While public buses seem convenient and cost-effective, they don’t reach all destinations, like the Crystal Church, where parking is available nearby. Opting for Tainan car rental is your ultimate choice!

Tainan Car Rental Advantage #2: Flexible Itinerary

Renting a car in Tainan empowers travelers with better control over their itinerary and higher mobility. Even if certain places are inaccessible by bus, renting a car ensures you’re not limited by public transportation schedules. For those exploring Tainan, renting a car is a great choice.

Tainan Car Rental Advantage #3: Easy and Affordable

Opting for rental car strikes a balance between convenience and affordability. Lately, renting a vehicle has become the primary mode of travel in Tainan, offering travelers cheap way to explore at their own pace.

Tainan Car Rental Essential Documents: What You Need to Rent a Car in Tainan

Tainan Car Rental, Important Documents.
  1. Valid passport or residency permit
  2. Physical drivers license
  3. International Driver’s License
  4. Credit card

List of Major Countries’ Reciprocal Driver’s License Exchanges

According to the “List of Major Countries’ Reciprocal Driver’s License Exchanges” reference criteria, countries or regions that have signed reciprocal driver’s license agreements with Taiwan can use their international driver’s license or local driver’s license to drive in Taiwan.

  1. First, go to the “Table for Driving License with Our Taiwan Reciprocal Countries” and find the corresponding continent or region according to your passport country.
  2. Download the version according to your language preference.
  3. You can determine the applicable validity and transferability based on the issuing area on your driver license.
Streamlined Tainan Car Rental, Reciprocal Driver's License Exchanges from Key Countries.
Photo From: Mutual Recognition of Driver’s Licenses between Taiwan and Other Countries

Therefore, international travelers visiting Taiwan or Taiwanese travelers venturing abroad should remember to consult this table for driver’s license regulations and ensure they have the necessary documents in order to avoid any inconvenience during their journey.

Tainan Car Rental Platform Comparison( insurance, price, locations…)

Here’s a comparison between major car rental platforms.

Price per day (USD)from $43from $79from $68from $40N/A
Locations (Cities)6 cities, 11 counties, and 9 HSR Stations3 main cities in Taiwan3 main cities in Taiwan6 cities, 11 countiesN/A
Variety of Vendors14 vendors3 vendors5 vendors12 vendorsN/A
Customer ReviewsProvidedNot providedNot providedProvidedN/A

Tainan Car Rental: gogoout – Streamlined Budget Car Rental Platform: Reserve in Three Steps

Unlock Kaohsiung car rental with gogoout.
  1. Open Gogoout’s website and enter the location, date, and number of seats.
  2. Compare the different types and prices, and click on ‘Book Now.’ (Remember to click on International driver licence filter)
  3. Check the summary and store policy, then submit!

Tainan Car Rental Companies Recommendations

IWS Car Rental (HSR Tainan)

Tainan Car Rental Services by IWS.

IWS Car Rental is a chain rental car store based in Taiwan. With branches spread throughout Taiwan, the Tainan location is just an 18-minute walk away from the High-Speed Rail station.

Highlights: wide vehicle choices, comprehensive insurance included, full tank refueling, airport and High-Speed Rail shuttle.

Car Types: BENZ Vito, HYUNDAI Custin, FORD Foucs.

Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Mon to Fri)/ 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Sat to Sun)

Pony Car Rental (Tainan)

Explore Tainan with Ease, Your Trusted Tainan Car Rental Partner.

Pony Car Rental is a well-known chain of rental car companies in Taiwan. Their vehicles are always up-to-date, as they acquire new cars each year and retire older ones. The average age of their cars is within two years.

Comprehensive insurance coverage, fast car pickup and return procedure, airport shuttle service.

Car Types: Toyota Vios, Yaris, Alts, Yaris, cross Hybrid/ Nissan Sentra.

Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Mon to Sun)

Address: No. 17, Gaotie 3rd Rd, Wuri District, Taichung City, 414

Tainan Car Rental: Common Insurance for Car Rental in Taiwan

Complete Your Tainan Car Rental Experience with Essential Car Insurance.

Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance: According to government regulations, car rental companies are required to provide compulsory insurance coverage for rented vehicles. This insurance provides basic medical coverage for the driver, passengers, and pedestrians involved in accidents.

Alternative Liability Insurance for Third Party: The coverage provided by Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance is limited to a maximum payout of 2 million NTD for death or disability, and 200,000 NTD for medical expenses related to injuries. However, it does not cover expenses such as repairs for the other party’s vehicle or medical costs exceeding the limit. To address these limitations, third-party liability insurance serves as a crucial insurance product to safeguard your financial well-being in case of a traffic accident, compensating for the deficiencies of compulsory insurance.

Driver and Passenger Insurance: It provides coverage for injuries sustained by individuals on our side.

Automobile Burglary and Automobile Damage Insurance: It covers the rented vehicle in case of damage. However, please note that this coverage is limited to collisions with other vehicles and does not cover self-inflicted damage or damage of unknown origin. Additionally, the insurance may not fully reimburse the damages, and the renter may still be responsible for a portion of the costs, as well as any loss of business during the vehicle repair period.

Tainan Car Rental: Car Rental Essentials

Fuel Level

Fuel Up with Tainan Car Rental.

The fuel level will be verified to ensure it corresponds with the fuel gauge reading indicated in the contract. If the fuel level is lower than it was at the time of vehicle rental, the customer will be responsible for paying the service fee and the additional fuel cost.


Fueling Your Journey, Convenient Tainan Car Rental and Gas Stations.
Fuel Nozzle ColorOctane NumberGrades of Gasoline


The ending mileage will be checked when returning the car and subtracted from the starting mileage. If it exceeds the free mileage, an additional fee will be charged. If not, no additional fees will be incurred.

Tainan Car Rental, Ending Mileage Check and Fees Explained.

Highway driving

The speed limit on the main lanes is 100 to 110 km/h (62 to 68 mph). However, there are a few sections with speed limits of 60, 80, or 90 km/h (37, 49, or 55 mph).

Seamless Traveling with Tainan Car Rental, Navigating the Highways.


When looking for parking options in Taiwan, you have the choice of parking on the side of the road or utilizing outdoor parking lots or underground facilities operated by department stores. It’s important to understand the significance of the three line colors: red, yellow, and white, as they convey different meanings.

Red LineParking on a red line is strictly prohibited.
Yellow LineYou are permitted to park for a maximum of 10 minutes solely for loading or unloading passengers or goods, but be sure not to leave your vehicle unattended.
White LineParking on a white line is generally allowed unless additional signs indicate otherwise.
Understanding Parking Lines' Color Meanings with Tainan Car Rental.


If an accident occurs, please remain calm and do not leave the scene. Immediately call 110 for emergency services and notify the rental company staff. The police and rental staff will assist you as soon as possible.

Emergency Support, Tainan Car Rental and Assistance After a Car Accident.

Returning the car

Please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time to avoid affecting your flight or other transportation after the return process, as the process takes about 20 minutes.

The first thing to do when returning the car is to park the vehicle in the designated location, pull up the handbrake, and turn off the engine. The passengers are responsible for unloading their luggage, while the driver and the rental staff inspect the vehicle together.

The staff will first inspect the vehicle’s body together with the rental agreement to confirm if there are any new damages or abnormalities and make a note on the agreement.

Highway tolls

All vehicles are equipped with an electronic toll collection (ETC) system. The rental staff will check the system to confirm the total mileage used on the highway during the rental period and charge NT$1.2 per kilometer, according to Taiwan regulations. Payment can be made in cash on the spot.

Traffic tickets

Due to the operating hours of Taiwan’s regulatory agencies, if there are traffic violations such as running a red light or speeding, it will take longer to process, usually around 1-3 months.

If a traffic ticket is issued and needs to be paid, the rental staff will notify the customer of the ticket’s details and amount by email and deduct the payment from the deposit or credit card. After confirming that there are no outstanding tickets or payments, the remaining deposit will be refunded, or the credit card pre-authorization will be voided.

Car damage fees

If an accident or car damage occurs during the rental period, the rental staff will determine if the journey can continue. Compensation and related issues will be handled according to the vehicle’s return to the repair shop for inspection. After the repair shop confirms and provides a quote for the repair time, the fee can be settled on-site.

Comprehensive Tainan Car Rental, Addressing Car Damage and Solutions.

Tainan Car Rental: Rules and Customs

Traffic conditions

Navigating traffic in Tainan can be quite varied, particularly during rush hours and weekends in the downtown area. The city streets might narrow, and the prevalence of numerous roundabouts adds a unique local character. If you’re headed toward the highways, be prepared for traffic jams, as Tainan’s city center isn’t as conveniently connected to the expressways. Speaking of those roundabouts, they come with both benefits and drawbacks. During off-peak times, it aids in smoother traffic flow in the same direction. However, Tainan’s roundabouts are mostly concentrated in the historic district, and when it becomes overwhelmed by high traffic volume, it can result in gridlock.

Tainan Car Rental and Road Planning Insights.
Photo From: https://boylondon.tw/tainancircle/

Additionally, Tainan’s roundabouts possess distinctive features such as separate lanes for cars and motorcycles, and even special traffic lights that allow motorcycles to make right turns on red. This arrangement might be a bit confusing for tourists.

Speed cameras

There are a large number of speed cameras installed on the roadside, with some of them being prominently displayed, accompanied by signs before reaching the camera. However, it is advisable to remain vigilant as there might be cameras discreetly hidden in unexpected locations, such as bushes.

Smooth Traveling with Tainan Car Rental, Navigating Speed Cameras.

Alcohol breath test

Routine inspections usually begin at 11 PM and end at 3 AM.

Safe Travels with Tainan Car Rental, Alcohol Testing.


To rent a car in Taiwan, the minimum age requirement is 20-year-old.

Driving Behaviour

Motorcycle is a very common means of transport for lots of people in Kaohsiung. Due to their presence, it is crucial to remain vigilant as they can emerge from unexpected directions. Additionally, it is advisable to utilize turn signals to communicate your intentions to drivers behind you, as this practice not only promotes safety but aligns with the common behavior of Taiwanese drivers. Employing these measures helps mitigate the risk of accidents and ensures a smoother flow of traffic.

Efficient Tainan Car Rental, Navigating City Traffic for Seamless Travel.

In conclusion, this guide offers an unbeatable way to explore. With rich experiences awaiting, a flexible itinerary, and affordability, it’s the ultimate choice. Familiarizing yourself with essential documents, insurance, and local rules ensures a seamless trip. Embrace the freedom of Tainan car rental for an unforgettable adventure.

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