首頁🌈 官方資訊Exclusive legal support services for car rentals in TW

Exclusive legal support services for car rentals in TW

Exclusive legal support services for car rentals in TW

Enjoy a carefree holiday with our legal support services
when renting your cars at Gogoout online

Service Description:
We provide a range of post-accidental legal support plans to aid you when encountering accident-related legal problems.

Range of Services:
This service is provided by PAMO, the partnering law firms of which will be providing all related legal support services, including the follows:

  • Instant Online Support:
    Receive instant step-by-step online guidance and tips for police record-making purposes when reporting an accident.
    Service hours: 9:30 – 18:30
  • Professional Legal Assistance:
    A guaranteed 2-HR legal service upon purchasing PAMO’s additional service, which includes the following:
    Analyzing of accidents
    Legal Advising
    Planning and negotiating of settlements
    Filing of reports and the completing of related documents
    Discounts for litigation fees* Advance Appointment Only. Please contact PAMO for bookings.

PAMO – pass and move on
Tel: (02) 5568-6412
Service Hours: 9:30 – 18:30 Mon – Fri (offices are closed on weekends and on public holidays)


1. Be ready to provide personal information after purchasing an add-on service with PAMO

2. Drivers (renters) must be aged between 20 and 75


1. One must be a registered member of Gogoout (must hold a driver’s license fully recognized by the government of Taiwan, R.O.C.). Drivers who have met the above conditions are eligible for the legal assisting service once a booking is made.

Terms of Service:

1. Gogoout reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve of any related rights pertaining to this service.

2. Gogoout reserves the right to modify or replace this agreement and/or additional terms or change, suspend, or discontinue the services at any time without notice.

3. Please contact Gogoout’s online customer support for any related questions regarding the service.

4. Please contact PAMO’s legal advisor at 02-5568-6412 for any queries regarding the contents of the aforementioned legal support services or any further legal services.

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