Taiwan Car Rental - Tips for Renting a Car in Taiwan

Taiwan car rental is easiest and most convincible option to make your journeys in Taiwan. Driving a car or riding a scooter are two favorite ways of exploring amazing place around Taiwan.

Having your own set of wheels brings you more flexibility for you schedule and helps you reach those off the tourist trail places. It’s also more comfortable and easier to carry your luggage.

If you do not have your own wheel in Taiwan?  Rent a car should be an only option you should choose, there are a few steps and strategies to be prepared for renting a car in Taiwan.

Taiwan Car Rental – Prepared before you go

1. Booking rental car with legal car rental company

The most important thing to rent a car in Taiwan is to book with legal car rental companies.

Most of car rental companies have their own web site, or you can search and booking rental car on Taiwan largest car rental online platform – gogoout, which helps comparing the car rental rate between different companies and booking the car in 3 minutes.

Taiwan Car Rental Details

  Chailease Auto Rental(中租)  CarPlus(格上)Pony Rent-A-Cargogoout
Price (from)NT$2400/dayNT$2500/dayNT$2500/dayNT$999/day
Rent a Car
(Determined by distances)
Determined by distancesNT$300-2,500
Determined by distances
Determined by distances
GPS FreeFreeNT$ 100/dayDepend on choosing stores
None NT$50,free for 3 days rentalNT$ 50/dayDepend on choosing stores
Child SeatFree First one is freeDepend on choosing stores
( Charged or Free)

2. Insurance

Most of the common car insurance in Taiwan as following, 

Automobile Burglary Insurance
Automobile Damage Insurance
Driver and Passenger Insurance
Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance 
Alternative Liability Insurance for Third Party

Insurance Details ▼

 Chailease Auto Rental(中租)CarPlus(格上) gogoout
Automobile Damage (Highest Deductible)  NT$10,000NT$10,000 From NT$8,000 (Depends on car rental stores)
Automobile Burglary
(Highest Deductible)
 10% of the present value of the vehicle. 10% of the present value of the vehicle. 10% of the present value of the vehicle.
Driver and Passenger
(Maximum Payment per Person) 
 NT$ 2,000,000  NT$ 1,000,000  NT$ 2,000,000
Alternative Liability Insurance for Third Party
( Death and damage / Property loss)
NT$ 4,000,000 + 500,000NT$ 4,000,000 + 500,000Up to NT$ 6,000,000 + 1,000,000 (Depends on car rental stores)

3. How much is over limited mileage going to charge?

Limited mileage vary by rental company. They range from around 400km per day to unlimited mileage.

If you drive more than your deal allows, a fixed rate for every extra kilometer will be charged after you return the car.

4. Document Prepared

Before you travel,  you have to apply international driver license, and also bring your native driver’s license, passport and credit card (the card you made payment online).

5. Early Reserved

Most of rental car will be reserved one month before the long holiday. If you want to rent a car in Taiwan and get good deal, please reserved the rental car early !

Taiwan Car Rental – Things need to know when you pick up the car

1. Read the details of car rental contract 

You must understand the terms and conditions for the car rental service.

2. Rental Rate is not included parking fee and toll road fee

In Taiwan, there are two type of parking space, one with no charge is on the roadside with white line, another one is the parking space on roadside. The payment receipt will stick on your windshield and can pay it at convenient stores.

Taiwan car rental, traffic tickets
▲ Parking Payment Receipt in Taiwan

High way in Taiwan is already installed electronic toll collection (ETC) at 2013, and all of the rental car already put the eTag on the car.

The toll road fee from eTag will calculate automatically after you return the car, and the fee will pay to the car rental company in cash.

Taiwan car rental, ETC system
▲ ETC system in Taiwan (Photo by:自由時報)

3. What type of gasoline?

There are four types of gasoline in Taiwan, 92, 95, 98 unleaded gasoline, and diesel. You should ask the car rental company which type of gasoline for the car you rent before you leave the car rental company.

Taiwan car rental, Gas Station in Taiwan
▲ Gas Station in Taiwan

4. What is the fuel policy?

Most of Taiwan car rental company only have one simple fuel policy which is full to full 

The car rental company will give you the rental car in full tank/part full and the customer just replace the fuel you have used before you return the car.

Normally the car rental company charge NT$3  ~6/km if the fuel is below the condition when you pick up the car. 


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